Goya's Ghosts

Near the turn of the 18th century, the court painter Francisco de Goya is accused by The Inquisition of making pictorial representations of sensuality and evil, and has to defend himself in front of the Church court. In the end, the painter is spared, and he goes unpunished. However, a different fabricated case brought by Brother Lorenzo involves a very young Inés who was a model for the painter.

Inés, a wealthy merchant’s daughter, is tortured in jail to confess to a crime against Christianity. During this time, her family is not given any information about her. Fifteen years later, the Spanish Inquisition is abolished, but Napoleon is marching into the country. In Napoleon’s service there is the fanatical (but this time secular) former Brother Lorenzo.

Runtime: 110 min.
English with Czech subtitles
© 2006, XUXA Producciones S.L.

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